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Summary of LGBT Festival Films

The following is a list of Sundance festival films with LGBT themes and character. Please visit to determine times and venues of all screenings.


  • AWOL

    Director/Screenwriter: Deb Shoval

    Days before her deployment to Afghanistan, Joey, 19, comes home to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas, with big dreams of running away to Canada.

  • Blokes (Chile)

    Director: Marialy Rivas

    13-year-old Luchito fantasizes about Manuel, his 16-year-old neighbor, whom he can see standing by a window in an adjacent project building. Oblivious of the gaze of his precocious voyeur, Manuel discovers his own sexuality with a girl from the neighborhood.

  • Spring (United Kingdom)

    Director/Screenwriter: Hong Khaou

    A young man meets a stranger for an experience that will change his life forever.

  • The High Level Bridge (Canada)

    Director/Screenwriter: Trevor Anderson

    Trevor drops his camera from Edmonton's High Level Bridge in memory of those who have jumped.


  • My Idiot Brother (U.S.A.)

    Director: Jesse Peretz
    Screenwriters: Evgenia Peretz and David Schisgall
    Cast: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer

    After serving time being conned into selling pot, Ned successively moves in with each of his three sisters as he tries to get back on his feet. His best intentions quickly bring the family to the cusp of chaos and ultimately the brink of clarity.

  • Red State (U.S.A.)

    Director/Screenwriter: Kevin Smith
    Cast: Michael Parks, Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, John Goodman, Melissa Leo

    A group of misfits encounter extreme fundamentalism in Middle America.

US Doc

  • We Were Here

    Director: David Weissman

    A deep and reflective look at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco and how individuals rose to the occasion during the first years of this unimaginable crisis.

US Dramatic

  • Gun Hill Road

    Director/Screenwriter: Rashaad Ernesto Green
    Cast: Esai Morales, Judy Reyes, Harmony Santana, Vincent Laresca, Miriam Colon

    After three years in prison, Enrique returns to the Bronx to find his wife estranged and his teenage son stumbling towards a transformation that will put the fragile bonds of their family to the test.

  • The Ledge

    Director/Screenwriter: Matthew Chapman
    Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard with Christopher Gorham

    Perched on a ledge, a man says he must jump by noon, while a cop races against time to get to the bottom of it.

  • Pariah

    Director/Screenwriter: Dee Rees
    Cast: Adepero Oduye, Pernell Walker, Kim Wayans, Charles Parnell, Aasha Davis

    When forced to choose between losing her best friend or destroying her family, a Bronx teenager juggles conflicting identities and endures heartbreak in a desperate search for sexual expression.

World Dramatic

  • Few Days of Respite (Quelque Jours de Repit) (Algeria, France - World Premiere)

    Director/Screenwriter: Amor Hakkar
    Cast: Marina Vlady, Samir Guesmi, Amor Hakkar

    A pair of gay men who have escaped from Iran seek safe harbor in a small French village, where a lonely middle-aged woman offers aid.

World Doc

  • Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure (Australia - World Premiere)

    Director: Matthew Bate

    When two friends tape-recorded the fights of their violently noisy neighbors, they accidentally created one of the world's first 'viral' pop-culture sensations.


  • Kaboom (U.S.A. - US Premiere)

    Director/Screenwriter: Gregg Araki
    Cast: Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Chris Zylka, Roxane Mesquida, Juno Temple

    A science fiction story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students.

  • Old Cats (Gatos Viejos) (Chile)

    Director/Screenwriter: Pedro Peirano and Sebastián Silva
    Cast: Bélgica Castro, Claudia Celedón, Catalina Saavedra, Alejandro Sieveking

    An old woman who realizes that her mind is quickly deteriorating desperately tries to hide this condition from her daughter, who waits keenly for any sign of senility in order to take her apartment.

  • Uncle Kent (U.S.A. - World Premiere)

    Director: Joe Swanberg

    Screenwriters: Joe Swanberg and Kent Osborne
    Cast: Kent Osborne

    A pothead cartoonist in Los Angeles spends a weekend trying to sleep with his visiting house guest – a woman from New York he met on Chatroulette.


  • !Women Art Revolution (U.S.A. - US Premiere)

    Director: Lynn Hershman Leeson

    One part of a transmedia project that includes the interactive video installation RAW WAR presented at New Frontier, this seminal documentary depicts the history of women artists who have used art as an activist practice to fight oppression and protest gender and racial exclusion – creating what many historians feel is the most significant art movement of the late-20th century.


  • Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (U.S.A. - World Premiere)

    Director/Screenwriter: Madeleine Olnek
    Cast: Lisa Haas, Susan Ziegler, Jackie Monahan, Cynthia Kaplan, Dennis Davis, Alex Karpovsky, Rae C. Wright

    A shy greeting card store employee unknowingly falls for a lesbian space alien while two government agents closely track their romance.

Doc Premieres

  • Becoming Chaz (U.S.A.)

    Director: Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato

    Born biologically female, Chastity Bono invites the viewer into a deeply personal journey as he transitions from female to male, embracing his true self, which is Chaz.


  • to.get.her (U.S.A.)

    Director/Screenwriter: Erica Dunton
    Cast: Jazzy De Lisser, Chelsea Logan, Adwoa Aboah, Jami Eaton, Audrey Speicher

    Five girls come together for one fateful night where anything goes. They all had secrets, but their friendship was the only thing they knew to be true.